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Terms And Conditions

  1. WORK ORDERS:  All Work Orders must be supplied in electronic form, in either:  1) text in an email;  2) text in a Microsoft® Word document attached to an email;  3) or text in a Notepad document attached to an email.  Handwritten text is not acceptable.

  2. WEBSITE WORK RETAINER FEE:  For new clients, an initial £100 Sterling (or equivalent) “Website Work Retainer Fee” must be paid in advance of any work being carried out.  This fee will be deducted from the final invoice total for any work carried out on behalf of the client.  Payment of this fee means that the person or business paying the fee, becomes a client of Web Design Builders.  Payment of this fee gives Web Design Builders the client's permission to act on the client's behalf for all related administration work for creating a website for the client.  This can include the registration of multiple domains (for SEO promotion success).  This can also include the creation of Google accounts (for SEO promotion success), if applicable.

  3. WEBSITE IMAGES:  Included in your website package, we allow 10 supplied images per webpage, with additional images allowable for an additional modest cost, as agreed with the client - you can have as many images as you require per webpage for your website.  All electronic images must be supplied with a specified sequential numbering system, using unique 3 digit numbers at the start of any image filename.  This simple numbering system is explained to the client at the start of the website build process.  Images can also be supplied in paper format such as photographs, company brochures, magazines, books, etc.

  4. WEBSITE TEXT:  In your website package, we allow 5 supplied, standard A4, English language, text or Microsoft® Word pages of text per webpage, with additional text allowable for an additional modest cost - you can have as many pages of text as you require per webpage for your website.  We welcome supplied, foreign language text for any webpage but an additional modest cost is chargeable per webpage for any additional work, as agreed with the client.

  5. PAYMENTS:  When a client requests any work to be done on their behalf, when the work is finished, the client agrees to pay in full all monies owed for the work done, payable within 15 days of the Invoice Date on the invoice which is issued by email to the client.

  6. INVOICE PAYMENTS:  Once an invoice is issued to a client by email or letter, the client has 15 days from the Invoice Date to make their payment to cover said invoice.

  7. LATE PAYMENT FEES:  If invoice payment is not received within 15 days of the Invoice Date, the client may have a “Late Payment Fee” penalty of £25 Sterling added to their account.  If the invoice and first Late Payment Fee is not paid within the following 7 days, additional Late Payment Fees of £25 each may be imposed on the client's account on a rolling, weekly basis until payment is received in full.  If the client continues to refuse payment, the client's website may be shut down until full payment has been received by Web Design Builders.  Other successful measures of clawing back payment may also be used.

  8. WEBSITE INTERNET MARKETING:  The client agrees to pay in advance for any Website Internet Marketing work undertaken for the client.

  9. FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES:  Invoices should not be ignored.  If the client finds they suddenly have financial difficulties with payment, a payment plan may be offered to the client to help them.  We are here to help you in any way we can, within reason.

  10. PAYMENT REFUNDS POLICY:  Once a payment has been made, refunds are not possible.  To date, we have not had any requests for payment refunds.

  11. PROBLEM INVESTIGATION:  If a website or internet problem arises which causes a problem for the client and the client notifies Web Design Builders and asks why it has occurred, or asks Web Design Builders to investigate or fix the problem, if the problem turns out to be caused by the client or a third party, then the client agrees to pay a nominal Investigation Service Charge Fee which should cover any work done by, and as specified by Web Design Builders.

  12. DOMAIN REGISTRATIONS:  Annual domain registrations are valid for a period of 1 year or part thereof.

  13. WEBSITE WEBHOSTING:  Annual website webhosting payments are valid for a period of 1 year or part thereof.

  14. QUOTATIONS:  Quotations for requested work are issued by email and are valid for 30 days from date of issue.

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