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2011 ''Start Your Business'' Magazine Award Winner

Web Design Builders is proud to provide you with the very latest leading-edge WebHosting technology.

Here are some technical details that you may find interesting.  We hope they will enthuse you with enough confidence to select us as your preferred WebHost:

UPTIME:   The servers we access have 99.9% confirmed uptime which provides your potential customers with superb access to your website at any time.

CONNECTIVITY:   The servers we access provide 7,000 MBit Connectivity which is extremely high and allows more users to access your website, faster.

LATEST TECHNOLOGY:  We access state-of-the-art equipment.  The servers we use pipe in separate fibre optic carriers to ensure Maximum Access Integrity.

DATA CENTRES:  The servers we access are housed in brand new £15 million data centres for top security and performance for your website.

POWER:  The servers we access, use a unique Uninterruptible Power Supply to shield your website from mains grid failure, spikes and lightning.  Banks of batteries are charged and ready to bridge the switchover from the mains to diesel generators.  Four of these generators create a 12,000 Horsepower Transformer Station that could power over 1,500 large homes.

HARDWARE & PERFORMANCE:  Servers include leading brands like COMPAQ, routed simultaneously by multiple Juniper M40s and Cisco Catalyst 12,000s.  Your vital website data is backed up off-site 365 days a year, on network appliance systems, using a dedicated and redundant transfer link.  The server system we access is monitored by over 100 Service Specialists.  The servers are vertically racked in an environment made ideal by Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning - or HVAC.  In case of fire, superior customised Argon units are quickly activated by particle detectors which sense increased ionization in the air (which precedes imminent flame).

LINUX:  Web Design Builders uses Linux WebHosting technology for your security.

ANTI-VIRUS PROTECTION:  For a small additional fee, any emails that pass through your website can be checked by a Symantec anti-virus scanner.

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