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Website Hosting

Web Design Builders  can provide you with WebHosting at low prices.  We would be more than happy to look after your website on your behalf, if you so require.

NEW WEBSITES:  If you are setting up a new website with a new domain name, we can organise WebHosting for your website on the Internet.

DOMAIN TRANSFERS:  If you're not happy with your current WebHost who has control of your domain name, we can help transfer your domain name to our own services and look after you properly.  Or, we can help register a very similar domain name for you, if that is not possible due to ownership problems.

WEBSITE OWNERSHIP:  When we design a website for you, you remain the owner of your website, unlike some web design companies who keep control of your website.  The website remains yours.  This is very important and could save you considerable money in the future.

HOSTING TECHNOLOGY:  If you are interested in the technical side of our Website Hosting, see our “Website Hosting Technology” webpage for more details.

HOSTING AWARDS:  Our Website Hosting has won, and continues to win, many Website Hosting awards.  Here are just a few of them:

2001 2002 Best WebHost Award Winners
2003 Best Business Web Host Award Winner
2004 Best Business Web Host Award Winner
2005 .net Magasine Award Winner 2006 Best Web Hosting Company Award Winner 2011 ''Start Your Business'' Magasine Award Winner

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