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Web Design Builders  can provide you with website domain names at low prices.

There are quite a few domain types to choose from today and these keep increasing.  Many people choose the standard

".com"       or       ".co.uk"

style domains but you can now also choose from other types such as

".ag"       ".biz"      ".cc"      ".eu"      ".hn"      ".info"       ".la"       ".me.uk"       ".name"

".net"       ".org"       ".org.uk"      ".sc"      ".tv"      ".us"      ".vc"       ".ws"       ".mobi"

REGISTRATION:  We register these for you on an annual basis for 1 year periods, after which we automatically re-register them for you for another year.  This way you do not lose your important domain names.  We can help you with registration or undertake the whole process for you.  We use a member of Nominet.uk for UK registrations.

WEBHOSTING:  If you are registering a new domain name, we can organise WebHosting for that name and your new website.

TRANSFERS:  If you're not happy with your current WebHost, we can help transfer your website to our own WebHosting service which is probably much cheaper than the one you are currently using.  Or, we can create a very similar one for you, if that is not possible due to ownership problems.

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