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Cookies Information

Web Design Builders uses cookies to enhance your enjoyment of our website.

EU regulations require that any website using cookies should notify the
Internet user that cookies are being used.  The website should also explain
to the user that any personal information they enter onto the website may
be stored temporarily on the browsing device (computer, mobile phone,
tablet, etc) that they are using to view that website.

Also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies, cookies are small, often
encrypted, text files which are added to, and located in, temporary browser
directories on a user's browsing device.  These cookies are added when
viewing and using certain parts of a website online.  These can include email
contact forms, eCommerce online shopping facilities, and Google Analytics Tracking.

If a person is viewing a website on the Internet and the website's browser
stores these small text files on their browsing device, the website is
legally bound to inform the person that some information is being stored
on their browsing device.  This website uses such cookies and
temporarily stores any personal information that you provide.

If you don't want to supply your personal information, simply contact the
company you wish to deal with by telephone, or send them an email, and
request any information or make any purchases over the phone.

Web Design Builders would be more than happy to add cookie notifications
to your own website, if requested.  Please contact us for a free quotation.

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