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Company Profile

The roots of Web Design Builders' expertise started growing slowly more than 30 years ago.  Skills and experience from many fields and arenas have come together in a company that can provide you with high quality, performing websites.  Websites that will reap you benefits, if marketed correctly . . . . . and we know how to accomplish that successfully for you.

Skills have been gathered from many walks of life:  Internet surfer, web designer, consultant, computer engineer, marketing manager, network engineer, programmer, PC engineer, computer mainframe operator, analyst, project manager, world traveller, computer supporter of multi-million pound electricity generation companies, food & wine lover, visual media creator, garden landscaper, works council representative, animal lover, jogger, tennis player, skier, scuba diver, lover of Australian & French & Spanish ways of life and food styles . . . . . these and others have all been combined together into a company called Web Design Builders, waiting to help you achieve your business goals successfully and without problem.

Companies that have added to Web Design Builders' experience include IBM, Accenture, ABB, Toshiba, COMPAQ, Hewlett Packard, Reader's Digest, Digital (DEC), Oracle, Paxus, Sainsbury's, Unit Trust Software, Woolworths, amongst others.

All this knowledge and expertise now awaits you . . . . . .

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